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Members of The international Budo Institute are practitioners like you who want to help to make quality learning materials available to all. At the Institute we are passionate about making materials available and need your help. At The Institute you will not see flashy videos trying to entertain you. What you will see are videos and materials that try to educate viewers about the martial arts. We have members from around the world and from all disciplines. All membership fees are used to support The Institute and to develop new materials. So, please help us help the martial arts community by selecting one of the options below.

Member of the International Budo Institute have access to restricted content on technical material. You may view a complete list of techniques available for study at this link. You may select from two different levels:

Open Membership

Materials for study up to Sho-dan level, black belt level, are made available free of charge to visitors of The International Budo Institute.

Full Membership $100.00 Per Year. Full membership allows access to all technical pages along with the ability to attend Budo Institute events and to test for Dan ranking.

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