Trying Your Belt & Uniform

The following pictures show the novice student the correct way to put on the Budo Gi (uniform) and how to tie the Obi (belt).

Put on the pants and tighten them by drawing the string.

Feed the draw string through the front hoop and tie in a knot.

Put On The Jacket

Put on the jacket. The crest should be sewn on the left side.

Close the jacket, left side over the right.

Tie the draw strings of the jacket to help to keep it closed.

Straighten the jacket.

Prepare to tie the belt.

Measure the belt in equal halves.

Wrap the belt around your waist starting in the front.

Fold the belt in the back one side under the other.

Fold the side of the belt going toward the left under the other.

Wrap the belt back around the front keeping one belt side under the other.

Prepare the knot by placing the left side under the front and the right over the front.

Feed the top side under and through so that the belt fits snugly and the knot is flat. Do not pull too tight.

Fold the top side (left hand) over the bottom side (right hand).

Fold the top side (left hand) over the bottom side (right hand) and then back through the hole.

Tighten the knot by pulling on both ends of the belt at the same time.

The jacket should fit to mid thigh, the belt length should be approx. mid to lower thigh.

As the last picture above shows, the belt is tied in a fashion so that if an opponent grabs one end and tries to pull you the belt will not tighten and thus will not strangle you at the waist possibly cutting off your breathing or circulation. This is an innovation from Judo where the chance of having your belt pulled by an opponent during grappling may be high.

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