Teaching #2 – Day 8 of 21

Henderson-Guard-MonkI had the feeling today that there is nothing special about any day of training. That is, when you train everyday each day is the same as the other. The 1,000 day of training is the same as the 10th day. Unremarkable. Of course, there are all the different issues we face but training is training. Another thought which came to mind is that a student remarked that the 1,000 day training was impossible. But when you think about when you were a child you would run outside every morning and spend hours with your friends exploring. No one ever said you had to do 1,000 days of exploring. You just loved to explore and to be with your friends playing. So maybe the issue is not that 1,000 mornings of training is possible or not possible, or hard or not hard, but rather that we do not love our training. If we truly loved our training 1,000 mornings in a row would be the accomplishment of a child.

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