Sensei Dan Desjardins, 3rd Dan

desjardins-dan-web Sensei Desjardins began his training in the martial arts in the 1970’s as a high school and collegiate wrestler in Riverview, N.B.. In 1995, he began his karate studies under the tutelage of Shihan Tom Bellazzi at the Shorinjiryu Kudaka Dojo in Lancaster, Ontario. The Dojo later became the Ken Sei Kai Academy of Martial Arts and is now headquartered in Williamstown, Ontario. He was awarded the rank of Shodan in 2013 by Shihan Bellazzi of Ken Sei Kai and the rank of Nidan in 2016; the rank of Sandan in 2019 by Shihan Bellazzi 8th Dan of Ken Sei Kai and also by Hanshi Lubitsch 9th Dan of Shorinjiryu Shinzen Kyokai. At present, he is an instructor at the Ken Sei Kai Dojo.

Over the years, Sensei Desjardins has attended a number of seminars by So Hanshi Masayuki Kukan Hisataka 10th Dan and also seminars put on by Kaicho Shunji Watanabe 9th Dan. He attended the 2014 Koshiki World Championships and the 2014 Koshiki Canadian Championships. Currently, he is assisting Shihan Bellazzi 8th Dan at the Ken Sei Kai Dojo while working towards his Yondan grading. In 2018, Sensei Desjardins commenced his spiritual training with the Bubishido Monks under the tutelage of Shihan Henderson 7th Dan, on the road to becoming a Gyoja. Also in 2018, Sensei Desjardins began weapons training with Shihan Henderson at Dai Kuu Ryu Kenjutsu working towards his Shodan level.

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