The crest of the International Budo Institute represents the underlying principles of all martial arts: form and movement. The crest/logo contains the circle, square and triangle which are the basic geometric movements for all martial arts. The square is formed by the unison of the four circles while the triangle is represented by the space between the circles. The four individual circles also represent the four cardinal points of the compass which give way to the eight major and minor directions of movement.

The four circles also represent the main elements brought together in the International Budo Institute, being: Karatedo, Jujutsu, Kenjutsu and Bojutsu. These elements are surrounded and encompassed by a larger circle representing the world-wide community of Budo, co-existing in harmony, mutual respect and friendship.

Lastly, the black and white circles with opposite coloured bands represent the interplay of ying and yang and remind the budo practitioner that all technique and experience in life is a merging of complimentary forces: strong-weak, hard-soft, masculine-feminine. These forces combine together and are represented by the grey colour. The red background colour represents the passion, focus and determination of both the teachers and students of the International Budo Institute.

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