Bubishido Yoga

Stretching and flexibility are extremely important no matter the martial art that you are studying. As we age flexibility becomes even more important as our muscles tend to stiffen. Being strong is important and as martial artists we should try our best to stay fit and strong with a solid core. However, martial artists tend to overlook the importance of stretching. And of course since we are human we can get lazy!

The typical martial arts stretching routines have been handed down by the Japanese masters and subsequently handed down to the next generations. They are important but often not complete enough or are done in too hurried a fashion. Martial artists should spend time outside of the class focused on stretching. This will pay great dividends in one’s overall athleticism especially when concerned with form work “Kata”.

This section we call Bubishido Yoga and is a collection of Yoga moves that we feel benefit the martial artists. The section will be updated over time and links to empty hand techniques will be made where appropriate. Please explore and incorporate these moves into your training regime.


Meditation Postures

Balance Postures

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