Shihan Sluiter, 4th Dan

Shihan Sluiter began his martial arts career in 1987 in Judo and holds the rank of 1st kyu. He presently holds a 3rd Dan level in Jiu Jitsu (IMAF) as well as a 1st Dan in Kyokushin Karatedo. Shihan Sluiter is also a full instructor of Jeet Kune Do (WJKDF), Filipino Knife Fighting (WKFS) and Escima (WEKAF). Shihan Sluiter has been active with women’s self defense for Zuid-Holland Rotterdam since 2003 and is involved in Police force instruction since 2006. Shihan Sluiter was awarded Yon-dan (4th Dan) in 2008 by The International Budo Institute after diligent studies under Shihan Henderson.

Shihan Sluiter is a dedicated martial artist with many years of experience and brings much enthusiasm and energy to everything he studies. Academically, Shihan Sluiter holds a Bachelor of Engineering.

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