Sensei Paul Stewart, 2nd Dan

Paul-Stewart-Kendo-ProfileOriginally from New Zealand, Sensei Paul Stewart is a Mind, Body, Spirit Trainer based in Tokyo, Japan. Beginning a career as a Personal Trainer in 1997, Paul was exposed to a variety of natural well being tools, empowering teachings and practices and a wealth of training scenarios ranging from Olympic Athletes, Disabled Athletes, Business Leaders and General Population. At the same time, a variety of energetic spiritual experiences opened him to more. Arousing his curiosity about the workings of energy and vibration, Paul left New Zealand in 2001 to walk around the world for 10 months on fifty-eight dollars. Along with many insights, the journey gave a sense of strength and freedom, which allowed him to build a life based on his dreams and imaginings. As an energy explorer and adventurer, Paul has traveled to nearly sixty countries including being based in the Middle East for five years.

It was during this time that he was introduced to Kendo. One day he picked up a broom handle and started swinging it around like a sword. A mentor suggested the next day, that he explore Kendo. As it turned out, there was a dojo just 2 minutes down the road. So, as a 43 year old, Paul felt kendo could shape and fine tune his energy. It wasn’t long before the connection with Japan was formally arranged and it became his new home base.


Sensei Paul Stewart At Work In Tokyo Perfecting His Technique

Sensei Paul is a member of Sumida ku Renmei in Tokyo and has reached 2nd dan in Kendo (2017) and the same year 1st dan in Iaido in the Seitei style of the All Japan Kendo Federation, while also being introduced to Muso Shinden-Ryu. He trains regularly with local Sensei and is very much a part of the budo community of the area participating in tournaments and gatherings.

Sensei Paul holds a Diploma in Sports Studies from Otago University, New Zealand. He has invested in various ongoing opportunities particularly related to the field of conscious awareness and deliberate creating. With a wealth of rich experience, Paul enjoys the freedom of choosing a perspective, trusting one’s true nature and of course, being one’s self. Sensei Paul is an active writer and speaker. He likes to explore nature spots and enjoys the beauty that is abundant in Japan. His favourite places include Kamakura just south of Tokyo with its fifty-plus shrines and beautiful valleys and walkways. For Paul, i-Budo is a great opportunity to offer perspectives, express our best, and encourage each other to more. Budo is an opportunity to put into practice and experience the inherent vibrational principles of the universe in our own unique way while also feeling the unity and joy of sharing.


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