Shihan Bujold, 5th Dan

Shihan Alain Bujold, Kenshi, holds a 5th Dan Black Belt degree in Bubishido and is a fully licensed instructor presently teaching at the Hombu dojo in Montreal.

Shihan Bujold is a visionary leader within the martil arts and security related fields. He is an innovator and inventor having developed 43 Scientific Research & Experimental Development projects and 15 personal (R&D) projects with a unique Biomimetics approach. (Note 1)

Shihan Bujold is a team player with high motivation skills, creative, curious and intuitive, dedicated to his work, with aim to go upwards and onwards which infuses his students with great amounts of energy.

Shihan Bujold has a background in Judo having studied at the Shidokan with Sensei Nakamura (8th Dan). He has also studied Kickboxing, Taekwondo and Ninjutsu. Shihan Bujold began his career in Shorinjiryu in 1987 with Shinan Wayne Donivan, 7th Dan and attained his Shodan in 1990 from So Shihan Masayuki Hisataka, 9th Dan of the Combined Shorinjiryu Kenkokan World Headquarters in Japan. Shihan Bujold also holds the title of Renshi awarded to him by Shinan Wayne Donivan of the Kentokukan School of Shorinjiryu.

Shihan Bujold is the founder of the Haiwa Yuushikan dojo of the University of Quebec at Montreal having taught as an instructor for over 10 years touching the hearts of hundreds of students.

Shihan Bujold has been very active in tournaments having participated at the World Koshiki Karatedo Championships in Montreal (1990), in Holland (1992 & 1996) as team captain and in Japan (1998). Shihan Bujold is also a coach with team Canada for the World’s in Montreal in 2007. During his career Shihan Bujold has accumulated 35 medals and 11 trophies mostly in the category of fighting. He has also participated in over 30 seminars of various martial arts activities including seminars with Shihan Dominique Valeran, Shihan Fumio Demura, Shihan Jean Frenette, Grandmaster Chida Shuseki Shihan and Grandmaster Serge Baubil.

Academically, Shihan Bujold has held the position of educator at University of Quebec at Montreal-UQAM within the Faculty of Physical Education. Professionally, Shihan Bujold has worked in the security field with responsibilities including: the management of employees, security planning for special events, determining security policy in hotels, protection of individuals, identifying and managing dangerous situations and the management of emergency tactics. Since 1990, he has managed his own company within the field of security product development and marketing. His duties include the practice of scientific research and experimental development with specific expertise in: human physiology and vulnerability, human ergonomics, human factures, Biomimetics, advanced materials and technologies, impact management (ballistic, stab, fragmentation & trauma) and analytical aptitude of the environment.

In his spare time Shihan Bujold also enjoys cave exploration, skydiving, car racing, motocross racing, skidoo racing, high speed skiing, cycling, horse back riding.

Note 1: “Biomimetics” is the science of studying and imitating the structures and mechanisms found in biological organisms and applying this knowledge into man made devices.

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