Nijushiho kata is considered a beginner to intermediate level kata and is typically taught at yellow (8th-7th kyu) or orange (6th-5th kyu) belt. It makes extensive use of circular movements and is why it typically follows in sequence to the square forms of the Naihanchin kata in the curriculum. After studying both Naihanchin and Nijushiho katas a student has the basic elements of empty hand to further develop his karate to a higher level even if no further katas are learned.

The name of the kata translates to “24 Movements”. However, the kata does not adhere strictly to 24 movements in its modern form. The video below shows the right side of the kata. The mirror opposite is performed on the left side after a 180 rotation when finishing the right side.

“It is thought that the form of Nijushiho practiced in Shorinjiryu and here at The Institute was passed from Master Azato to Master Kyan and then onto Shinan Hisataka (the founder of Shorinjiryu Kenkokan), having been modified by Azato to include principles of defence against bladed weapons. This is something Azato derived from his own studies of Jigenryu Kenjutsu, and his successful unarmed encounter against a Japanese samurai.” – Shihan Des Paroz

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