The Motto of The International Budo Institute and Bubishido is:

“Development of Individuality In Body, Mind and Spirit”

The motto expresses several things. First, The Institute is a school where individuals learn. Secondly, it shows that the school’s primary focus is on the development of the person’s individuality.

Individuality is an extremely important concept for the martial arts. Both the teachers and the student must be preoccupied with him or herself as a unique individual with specific needs and specific developmental goals. Each student comes to The Institute with a specific background and history. In this regard, no two students are alike. Moreover, no two students should progress through The Institute exactly alike. Students need to be aware that they are on a personal journey and what works for one student may not work for another. Lastly, the individual nature of the student is expressed and developed through three primary areas: body, mind and spirit. These three areas of personal development reinforce one another and typically are developed in this order.

Usually, a new student will begin his or her training by focussing on the development of the body. This training includes physical as well as technical development. Sometime after beginning this training regime the student will also be faced with exercises or a general process that will develop his/her mind. Mind development also comes in the form of technical and physical training but can be more easily seen when the student is fatigued and must push themselves mentally in order to continue. Many martial artists believe that true training (that is mental training) only begins once the physical body is exhausted. Within The Institute mental training also takes the form of intellectual investigation through reading various library materials and books.

Spiritual development is the next phase of the training and typically is seen once the student has mastered the martial arts system and no longer needs to focus on individual techniques. The student develops a greater understanding of the system and thus transcends the technical realm of the art. At this level, the student is able to see a greater understanding of all things through the study of their martial art. This is the ultimate goal of all dedicated martial artists.

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