Dr. Paris, Sensei, 3rd Dan


It is with great pride that the International Budo Institute announces the appointment of Sensei Dr. Dennis Paris, Ed.D. to the academic council. Sensei Dr. Paris is a 3rd Dan Black Belt holder in Jujutsu as well as an accomplished academic.

Dr. Paris began his training in martial arts in the 1960s in boxing. By the late 1960s and early 1970s he also studied Judo and Gojo Ryu Karate at the University of Puerto Rico. During the 1980s Dr. Paris studied TaeKwonDo At Texas A&M University where he was pursuing his doctoral studies. Upon completion of his doctoral studies Dr. Paris returned to Puerto Rico and began his education in modern Jujutsu passing the Shodan examination in 1990. At this point he became keenly interested in the areas of Chinese internal martial arts with special interest in Tai Chi and Bagua both areas continuing to hold his attention to this day. Dr. Paris is also certified as an Instructor of Tai Chi for Arthritis, Tai Chi for children and a Kung Fu fitness instructor. Dr. Paris is also certified by Master Liang Shou-Yu as a Medical Qigong Instructor. In 2008 Dr. Paris was certified at the San-dan level by the American Federation of Jujitsu.

Academically, Dr. Paris has held the position of full professor in the Graduate Department of Education of the University of Puerto Rico at San Juan where his responsibilities included teaching master and doctoral level courses and the supervision of practicum, internships, theses and approximately twenty doctoral dissertations. Dr. Paris has also occasionally taught at the undergraduate level, lectured to the Honors Program and offered workshops to college students on topics such as: Stress Management, Effective Study Habits, Communication Skills and other developmental topics. Dr. Paris is a licensed psychologist and professional counselor within the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. He is also a clinical member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

With his vast academic background as a Doctor of Education along with his focus on martial arts, Sensei Dr. Paris will be instrumental in assisting the International Budo Institute to further improve both the physical and academic degrees in the future. Dr. Paris is a believer in life long study and as such is presently focused on achieving successful completion of the Yon-dan examination with The Institute. We are confident that our association with Dr. Paris will be mutually beneficial and that all of the students will be able to benefit from his knowledge and dedication.

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