The International Budo Institute is associated with Bubishido, the in-house Budo style. The style name Bubishido is used on all certificates, diplomas and black belt embroidery and the name has special significance as described below:

The name Bubishido is made up of two main parts:


“The Bubishi” is the name of a text used by ancient Budo masters which contains an assembly of techniques, kata (forms), strategies, vital points, popular medicine and ethic/moral code for martial artists. This compilation is credited with shaping the theory and practice of traditional and modern Budo, (martial arts).

The word “Bubishi” means the following: “Bu” means warrior, “Bi” means wisdom, “Shi” means spirit and/or ambition.The word “Do” signifies a philosophical way with which to realize oneself or one’s potential.

Thus, the name “Bubishido” literally means the way in which one may realize one’s potential by following the lessons of the Bubishi, while “Bubishi” means the spirit and wisdom of the warrior. Or, the way to realize one’s potential by following the spirit and wisdom of the warrior. Since the text known as the “Bubishi” was used by many of the ancient and early martial art/Budo masters, the name “Bubishido” is all inclusive.

That is, the Bubishi was used by the early Budo masters for its knowledge on root techniques. It helped them to develop and fortify their knowledge thus enabling them to develop their own understanding of Budo and create their own systems of combat. The Bubishi is credited with being the original text from where many teachers and styles flourished. Thus, “Bubishido” seeks to return its students to a mind-set when all styles and systems were one, simply Budo.

The word Budo: is made up of two characters: “Bu” meaning martial and “do” meaning “the way”. Thus, Budo means the way of self perfection through the application of martial ways.

In this way, Bubishido shares and grows through the application and appreciation of all Budo techniques and members regardless of their origin.

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