Frederick Bastiat (1801-1850)

“I am not one of those who believe that a science has inherently its own natural and immutable boundaries. In the realm of ideas, as in the realm of material objects, everything is conected; all truths merge into one another, and every science, to be complete, must embrace all others.” French Economist Extrodinaire – Frederic Bastiat

Dr. Henderson’s Comment:

Frederic Bastiat would have us remember that all knowledge is interlinked and it is only our inherent dualist nature that tries to categorize various topics thus excluding some from our analysis. Is this not true within our martial arts practice. We exclude some forms, some schools, some exercises because we believe that they are beyond the scope of our studies or lie outside of our own school’s focus. What do we lose by taking this approach? We would do well to heed Bastiat’s concern and remain open to all knowledge. Only this way can we continue to grow both in life and within the martial arts.

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