Dojo/School Memberships

School Memberships

The International Budo Institute offers school memberships that are available to individual dojos. In order to be eligible, the head instructor must be a paid member of The Institute and formally request his or her desire for their school to become a recognized member of The Institute.

At that point, an evaluation of the credentials and proficiency of the instructor or Sensei will be made. Upon acceptance official status is confered and a teaching level certificate is issued. All students of the member school that are above the rank and including Yon-dan, 4th dan, must become individual members of The Institute. Students of member dojos of the rank of San-dan and below are members of The Institute by virtue of their membership within the member dojo. Nevertheless, these students may become members on an individual basis if they so desire. Again, membership is extremely affordable and is solely to help support the efforts of The Institute.

Benefits of School Membership

Schools that join/associate with The Institute as member dojos are able to make use of all the existing and future materials of The Institute including videos and study guides. These materials are available for free and must be passed on to students free of change save for the cost of reproduction. Member dojos also receive a certificate of membership attesting to their standing in The Institute. This certificate is suitable for framing and display within the member dojo. All instructors and students of member dojos of The Institute are allowed to wear the badge of The Institute as well as an offical Institute Black Belt. Black Belts are ordered specifically for individual students upon request and include the students name and the name of The Institute in Kanji. The cost of preparing and shipping the belts is the expense of each student.

Teaching Certificates

Individual teaching certificates may be issued to a Sensei who express a desire to be certified by The Institute. All black belt holders of Shodan and higher are eligible to seek teacher certification within The Institute. There are presently 5 levels of teacher certification availbale through The Institute. They are:

-Shoto Shidoin: Junior Instructor. Available to Shodan (1st) level and above.

-Koto Shidoin: Senior Instructor. Available to Nidan (2nd) level and above.

-Tashi: Master Instuctor. Available to Sandan (3rd) level and above.

-Renshi: Master Instructor. Available to Yondan (4th) level and above.

-Kyoshi: Associate Professor. Available to Rokudan (6th) level and above.

Titles and Belt Colour

Black Belt students who hold a rank within The Institute are entitled to use the following titles and wear the following belts. All black belt level may wear the traditional black belt.

-Shodan: “Yushi” – black belt with gold kanji

-Nidan: “Gyoshi” – black belt with red kanji

-Sandan: “Shushi” – black belt with red centered strip with red kanji

-Yondan: “Kenshi” – white and red horizontal belt (Renshi belt)

-Godan: “Kengo” – white and red horizontal belt (Renshi belt)

-Rokudan: “Kenren” – red and white vertical belt

-Nanadan: “Kenkyo” – red and white vertical belt

-Hachidan: “Kenmei” – red and white vertical belt

All black belt holder of Shodan (1st dan) rank and above are allowed to use the Title of Sensei. All black blet holders of Yondan (4th dan) rank and above are allowed to use the Title of Shihan. All balck belt holders of Shodan (1st dan) rank and above are allowed to wear the traditonal hakama.

Use of Crest and Logo – Member Schools

Once a Sensei and school is recognized by The Institute that school is allowed to wear the circle crest or Kanji crest of The International Budo Institute on their practice uniforms. Also, the school is allowed to display the official logo of The Institute on their website in order to show membership. Further, an official letter attesting to membership signed by the officers of The Institute is presented to the school for display within their dojo in order to show membership.

Dan Rank Diplomas and Belt Issuance – Member Schools

Member schools may request to use the official Dan Diploma of The International Budo Institute in place of their in-house diploma. Or, they may use The Institute’s Dan Diploma as a second certificate given at the time of graduation of their student. Diplomas are completed at the Hombu dojo and signed by the officers of The Institute and then later co-signed by the local Sensei. There is a processing, registration and shipping fee charged for each Dan Diploma.

Member schools may also suppliment the Dan Diplomas with physical black belts (or appropriate Yudansha belt) issued by The Institute. The Institute requires 2 months notice in order to process black belts. Black belts include the name of the student in Kanji along with the kanji characters for “Bubishido”. There is a fee for each black belt issued which covers processing and delivery.

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