2011Kentokukan Fall Classic

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 The International Budo Institute participated in the 2011 Kentokukan Fall Classic Tournament for children held at the Laurin Hill Academy in Montreal, Canada. The tournament was a great success with participants invited from both Canada and the USA. The Institute would like to expressly thank Sensei Mark Filippelli, Go-dan, of Shorinjiryu Kentokukan for his immense effort at planning, running and concluding a successful event. Please enjoy the photos below.

The Opening Photos of Participants and Sensei

Young Student Performing Kata

Young Student Performing Kata

Young Orange Belt Studdent Performing Kata

A Student Receives Their Point Score

Shihan Jean Eric Gibeau Judging


Very Young Combattants !

Participants Completing Shiai

Very Young Students Competing In Shiai

Sensei Giovanna Toddeo Judging A Shiai Match

Shihan Donivan Arbitrating

Shihan Lepine And Sensei Mastrocola Discussing The Event

Sensei Larry Foisy Judging A Shiai Match

Sensei Daryl Jones Refereeing

Shihan Henderson Judging

Shihan Henderson Discussing The Rules With The Students

Reading Out The Winners And Presenting Medals

Medals Being Awarded

The Judges And Referees

The Senior Black Belts: L-R: Shihan Donivan, Shihan Lubitsch, Shihan Lepine, Shihan Bellazzi, Shihan Labelle, Shihan Henderson

All Black Belt Ranks

Hanshi Lubitsch And Shihan Henderson

Black Belt Group L-R: Shihan Leabelle, Shihan Jones, Sensei Lew, Shihan Henderson, Hanshi Lubitsch, Sensei Filippelli, Sensei Mastrocola

L-R: Sensei Max Mastrocola, Shihan Jeffrey Henderson, Sensei Mark Filippelli

Shihan Henderson And Sensei Lew





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