Children’s Fall Classic Tournament

The members of The International Budo Institute are happy to have participated in the Kentokukan 2015 Children’s Fall Classic hosted by Shihan Filippelli. Many schools were present and the participants had a lot of fun exchanging and with visiting with fellow budoka. We look forward to next year’s event. Many thanks to Shihan Filippelli and his volunteers for his hard work in coordinating the event.









Sensei Kukura Awarded Sandan

It is a pleasure for the International Budo Institute to congratulate Sensei Doug Kukura on being awarded the Sandan level, 3rd Dan. Sensei Kukura will officially be presented the Sandan in Japan in July, 2016 at the Hombu dojo. Sensei Kukura has worked diligently over the years to attain the 3rd dan recognized as the teaching license “Sensei” level at The Institute.

Again, congratulations Sensei Kukura !


Shihan Henderson Congratulates Sensei Kukura.

New Shihan Promotions

High level promotions are always an important event and it is with great pleasure and pride that The International Budo Institute announces that Dr. Donald Oxford York, Shihan has been promoted to 6th Dan and that Shihan Darren Hunter has been promoted to 5th Dan in the International Budo Institute. The presentation was made in March-2013 at the famous Tri-Star gym in Montreal, Canada by Dr. Henderson, Shihan in front of many of Shihan York’s and Shihan Hunter’s colleagues and students. Many demonstrations were completed as a tribute to the dedication to Budo of both Shihans. We look forward to their continued efforts and their drive in pushing the mandate of the International Budo Institute forward.

Group Photo

Group Photo


Dr. Donald York, Shihan

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Shihan Mark Filippelli Receives Rokudan

The International Budo Institute would like to extend it congratulations to Shihan Mark Filippelli on achieving the rank of Rokudan (6th dan) in the Kentokukan School of Shorinjiryu. The presentation was made at the 2012 Fall Classic, a tournament hosted by Shihan Filippelli each year and attended by The Institute.

Shihan Mark Filippelli Receives the Rokudan Diploma From Shihan Donivan, The Founder of Kentokukan

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The Institute Participates in Fall Classic 2012

The International Budo Institute recently participated in Shihan Mark Filippelli’s Fall Classic held in Ville St-Laurent, Quebec. Many participants were on hand and the event was a great success. The Institute was represented by Shihan Hunter and his students as well as Shihan York.

Group Photo

Shihan Hunter & Sensei Choisnet With Their Students. Shihan Donivan founder of the Kentokukan School of Shorinjiryu 3rd From Right.

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2011Kentokukan Fall Classic

On Saturday, December 3rd, 2011 The International Budo Institute participated in the 2011 Kentokukan Fall Classic Tournament for children held at the Laurin Hill Academy in Montreal, Canada. The tournament was a great success with participants invited from both Canada and the USA. The Institute would like to expressly thank Sensei Mark Filippelli, Go-dan, of Shorinjiryu Kentokukan for his immense effort at planning, running and concluding a successful event. Please enjoy the photos below.

The Opening Photos of Participants and Sensei

Young Student Performing Kata

Young Student Performing Kata

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Shihan Henderson Visits Shihan Hunter

On August 31st Shihan Henderson visited Shihan Hunter of the International Budo Institute at the Shuyokan Dojo in Newmarket, Ontario. The occasion provided Shihan Henderson with the opportunity to meet the students and watch their techniques both in Karate and Jujutsu. It was a fun-filled afternoon and evening and Shihan Henderson hopes to visit again soon.

Junior Students Performing Koshiki Naihanchin

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Shihan Henderson Visits Shihan Jackman

On Monday, August 29th, Shihan Henderson visited Shihan Paul Jackman at one of his dojos at the Crescent Town Centre in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario. Shihan Henderson visited the children’s and adult class. The practice included some fighting techniques and bogu work. Shihan Henderson and Shihan Jackman first became acquainted when they meet on the Canadian Koshiki Team training for the 2003 Portugal competition. At the time, Shihan Henderson was an assistant coach while Shihan Jackman was a successful competitor. The International Budo Institute would like to thank Shihan Jackman and his students for the hospitality during the visit. Photos from the visit are below.

Shihan Jackman Explaining Technique

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Renshi Peters At Kanzendo

On May 28th, 2011 Renshi Robert “Bob” Peters came to Kanzendo dojo in Montreal and held a special “judo” class. Renshi Peters has over 40 years of judo teaching and presented for 2 hours instructing students on break-fall, sweeps and basic throws. Everyone present had a tremendous time and would like to thank Renshi Peters for his generosity and teaching. Renshi Peters was also presented with a commenorative Renshi belt at a short ceremony to honour his standing within The International Budo Instittute. Shihan Henderson, Chief Instructor of the Institute presented Renshi Peters with his belt. Additional photos may be seen by clicking “Read More”.

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Shihan Henderson At Kanzendo

On February 5th, 2011 Shihan Henderson visited Sensei Joel Neves Briard (3rd Dan) and Sensei Alain Briard (2nd Dan) at the Kanzendo dojo in Montreal. The 2.5 hour class focused on self defense techniques. Everyone had an exciting time learning new material. Participants are shown below.