The Universality of the Dojo Kun

As Budo teachers we often reflect on why individuals are attracted to the martial arts. We often believe that they are attracted because they are looking for direction in life. That is, they are typically looking for something to which they may apply their talents in a way that is typically not found in the mundane routine of daily life. What they tend to seek is a challenge where they may grow physically, intellectually and spiritually.

When a new student enters the dojo and begins his or her martial arts journey one of the first things that they encounter within their new system is the Dojo Kun: the main set of guiding principles. Typically, each system or “ryu” has a set of Dojo Kun and often individual schools within a system will also have their own set of Dojo Kun that are particular to the inclination of the head Sensei of that school. Within the Shorinjiryu Kenkokan lineage we have been provided a set of Dojo Kun from the founder, Kaiso Dr. Kori Hisataka for the direction of all Shorinjiryu students, they are: [Read more…]

Shihan Henderson Visits Shihan Jackman

On Monday, August 29th, Shihan Henderson visited Shihan Paul Jackman at one of his dojos at the Crescent Town Centre in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario. Shihan Henderson visited the children’s and adult class. The practice included some fighting techniques and bogu work. Shihan Henderson and Shihan Jackman first became acquainted when they meet on the Canadian Koshiki Team training for the 2003 Portugal competition. At the time, Shihan Henderson was an assistant coach while Shihan Jackman was a successful competitor. The International Budo Institute would like to thank Shihan Jackman and his students for the hospitality during the visit. Photos from the visit are below.

Shihan Jackman Explaining Technique

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Find Us On YouTube

The International Budo Institute can now be found on Youtube for its very own channel at There you can find all the videos within the i-Budo library. Enjoy!

Renshi Peters At Kanzendo

On May 28th, 2011 Renshi Robert “Bob” Peters came to Kanzendo dojo in Montreal and held a special “judo” class. Renshi Peters has over 40 years of judo teaching and presented for 2 hours instructing students on break-fall, sweeps and basic throws. Everyone present had a tremendous time and would like to thank Renshi Peters for his generosity and teaching. Renshi Peters was also presented with a commenorative Renshi belt at a short ceremony to honour his standing within The International Budo Instittute. Shihan Henderson, Chief Instructor of the Institute presented Renshi Peters with his belt. Additional photos may be seen by clicking “Read More”.

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Keiko Fukuda, 9th Dan Life Story

Amazing story of Keiko Fukuda, 9th dan, who gave up everything for Judo!