Shihan Henderson Visits Shihan Jackman

On Monday, August 29th, Shihan Henderson visited Shihan Paul Jackman at one of his dojos at the Crescent Town Centre in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario. Shihan Henderson visited the children’s and adult class. The practice included some fighting techniques and bogu work. Shihan Henderson and Shihan Jackman first became acquainted when they meet on the Canadian Koshiki Team training for the 2003 Portugal competition. At the time, Shihan Henderson was an assistant coach while Shihan Jackman was a successful competitor. The International Budo Institute would like to thank Shihan Jackman and his students for the hospitality during the visit. Photos from the visit are below.

Shihan Jackman Explaining Technique

Shihan Jackman Explaining Distancing

Shihan Jackman Executing A Front Punch

Some Of The Kids Training

Sensei Mike Helping A Student

Shihan Henderson Receiviing A Roundhouse From Shihan Jackman

Shihan Jackman Receiving A Back Roundhouse From Shihan Henderson

Shihan Jackman Executing A Back Roundhouse On A Senior Student

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