Summer-2016 Training In Japan

In July and August 2016 Shihan Henderson and Sempai Migneault visited Japan for 35 days. Over 50 training sessions were completed along with visiting lots of important sites. Kyoto, Tokyo and Nigata were on the schedule. We wish to thank Hanshi Hisataka and Shihan Masamitsu Hisataka for their generosity during the visit. It was a wonderful experience and we hope to visit again soon.

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Visiting A Sword Exhibition

Visiting The Kenkokan Hombu Dojo


Visiting The Golden Temple In Kyoto Once Again


Beautiful Architecture Everywhere


Final Class With Hanshi Hisataka And Shihan Masamitsu Hisataka. Shihan Henderson Being Presented The Rokudan Certificate in Koshiki. The children were always wonderful, we will miss everyone very much !


Video: Aikido Seminar – July 2012 – Italy

Shihan Henderson Visits Shihan Jackman

On Monday, August 29th, Shihan Henderson visited Shihan Paul Jackman at one of his dojos at the Crescent Town Centre in Scarborough (Toronto), Ontario. Shihan Henderson visited the children’s and adult class. The practice included some fighting techniques and bogu work. Shihan Henderson and Shihan Jackman first became acquainted when they meet on the Canadian Koshiki Team training for the 2003 Portugal competition. At the time, Shihan Henderson was an assistant coach while Shihan Jackman was a successful competitor. The International Budo Institute would like to thank Shihan Jackman and his students for the hospitality during the visit. Photos from the visit are below.

Shihan Jackman Explaining Technique

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Renshi Peters At Kanzendo

On May 28th, 2011 Renshi Robert “Bob” Peters came to Kanzendo dojo in Montreal and held a special “judo” class. Renshi Peters has over 40 years of judo teaching and presented for 2 hours instructing students on break-fall, sweeps and basic throws. Everyone present had a tremendous time and would like to thank Renshi Peters for his generosity and teaching. Renshi Peters was also presented with a commenorative Renshi belt at a short ceremony to honour his standing within The International Budo Instittute. Shihan Henderson, Chief Instructor of the Institute presented Renshi Peters with his belt. Additional photos may be seen by clicking “Read More”.

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2011 i-Budo Summer Camp

The 2011 Summer Training Camp is being scheduled outside of Montreal for July 6th to July 10th inclusive.

All Shihan, Sensei and Budoka are asked to reserve places before April 1st with Shihan Henderson so that adequate planning may take place. Cost is approx. $85 per night double occupancy.

We are hoping that the weekend will be fun filled with lots of sharing amongst all the participants.

You may download the Flyer Here: 2011 Summer Camp Information Flyer