Sensei Paul Stewart Joins The Budo Institute

Paul-Stewart-Kendo-ProfileIt is with great pleasure that The International Budo Institute announces that Sensei Paul Stewart has joined as Instructor of Kendo. Sensei Paul is a member of Sumida ku Renmei in Tokyo and has reached 2nd dan in Kendo (2017) and the same year 1st dan in Iaido in the Seitei style of the All Japan Kendo Federation, while also being introduced to Muso Shinden-Ryu. He trains regularly with local Sensei and is very much a part of the budo community of the area participating in tournaments and gatherings. Sensei Paul holds a Diploma in Sports Studies from Otago University, New Zealand. He has invested in various ongoing opportunities particularly related to the field of conscious awareness and deliberate creating. With a wealth of rich experience, Paul enjoys the freedom of choosing a perspective, trusting one’s true nature and of course, being one’s self. Sensei Paul is an active writer and speaker.

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